Why Inclusion Matters!

In this special audio guest feature, Linbert Spencer, Director for the Centre for Inclusive Leadership shares his views on the importance of managing inclusion, in order to create environments where people can be their best selves and do their best work.

Linbert takes us on an engaging journey to understand how we got to where we are with regards to encouraging diversity in the workplace; and how we will only get the full benefits of diversity if we also understand the need to manage inclusion.

Listen to Linbert’s insightful speech delivered at the WME annual coaching conference and you will understand;

  • What inclusion is all about
  • Why it matters for organisations – morally, socially, economically and operationally
  • How a culture of inclusion enables an individual to make a difference
  • How to spot the alligators in the lobby. We will let Linbert explain that one!

Click on the link below to hear Linbert’s full speech.