Aspire 2.0 – Growing A New Generation Of HR And OD Business Partner

Since its launch in 2014, the Aspire programme has helped over 200 public sector HR professionals develop the business skills needed to challenge and influence organisational direction and drive cultural change.

Now in its 5th successful year WME in partnership with the LGA and CIPD have launched Aspire 2.0, aimed at inspiring a new generation of HR business partner to meet the changing needs of the public sector.

So what’s Aspire 2.0 all about and what makes it different?

Rebecca Davis WME ‘s new Chief Executive said:

“We are delighted to continue working in partnership with the CIPD and the LGA to deliver a new-look Aspire programme. The role of a Strategic HR Business Partner is continually evolving to meet the changing needs of the public sector, and it is only natural that our Aspire programme evolves to meet these needs  Aspire 2.0 remains committed to developing individuals as strategic HR business partners but will focus more on their organisational development capability, change management skills and helping people to embrace the digital agenda; all of which is reflected in the new CIPD profession map which guides the content of the programme”.

What do you think will make Aspire 2.0 a success?

Commenting on the success drivers of the new and improved Aspire 2.0 programme, Naomi Cooke, Head of Workforce at the LGA and Aspire Strategic partner said:

“The Aspire programme’s success has been to provide people from across the public sector with the right skills and competencies to become expert business partners. We have seen participants continually increase their personal effectiveness and strategic focus as HR professionals. For me, Aspire is about the future of the HR profession and HR professionals. I am delighted to see Aspire 2.0 shift gear to help create the strategic OD capacity local government needs right now”.

A view echoed by Nigel Carruthers, Senior Advisor, Workforce Strategy & Policy, LGA; “Great news – a programme that gives up to the minute relevant CPD and a focus on Strategic OD! Bravo Aspire 2.0”.

How to get involved

The first pilot Aspire 2.0 programme is underway. If you are interested in finding out more please visit  or get in touch at 0121 569 2070.