What can delegates expect from this years Coaching and Mentoring Conference?

Soon approaching is our Coaching and Mentoring Conference (10th December) so we thought we would take the opportunity to ask our WME Coaching lead, Sam Darby, to give us the latest ‘inside’ scoop of what we can expect.

What can attendees expect from this year’s conference?

An understanding of where coaching and mentoring can make a real difference whilst also developing their skills to make this happen. The key current workplace trends which will be explored include;

  • Agile working
  • The impact of more millennial’s in management
  • The challenge of people’s values being compromised
  • The importance of inclusion to maximise positive impact of diversity
  • The effect of digitalisation

It’s going to be an insightful day.

The conference is now in its 11th year, what do you think is the recipe for its success?

It enables people to take back into their organisations practical applications which can be applied to the work they are doing, which you don’t always get from other conferences.

There is no doubt about the buzz and energy at our Coaching conferences, with people talking about how they can see things working or what they are excited to try out with their staff and clients. The source of excitement ranges amongst attendees, ranging from a new tool or skill for coaches and mentors to understanding how latest research will influence an organisational strategy to get the most out of coaching and mentoring programmes.

On a more individual and personal level, we aim for everyone to find something to improve their own leadership and coaching styles. The conference itself can often provide the inspiration and motivation to try something new, whether that’s through hearing the speakers or networking with around 200 others who are giving things a go.

The following feedback from past delegates sums up what they’ve appreciated and what attendees can expect:

“Being immersed with people open to improving coaching”

“Able to listen to speakers from outside the normal “sphere”. Able to have a better view as to how coaching fits into the wider world.”

“Personal challenge to my thinking; inspirational ideas; networking”

We’re all striving to manage change successfully within our organisations, in your view how can coaching help support this?

Change is a constant, but we know change can be managed well or very badly! Coaching is really impactful in helping individuals think about how change will affect them, those around them and how they can face it in the best way possible. For instance, we know digitalisation is bringing massive change which affects our workplaces and our minds, Maria Symeon will be talking about this and sharing insights into other disruptors which will be impacting on our ever-changing workforce, her session will help us better understand  how coaching will help us with these changes.

The Millennial generation have a very different experience of the world. What top tips will the conference provide to support organisations help millennial’s to thrive in the workplace?

With more millennial’s, people in their early twenties to late 30’s, becoming managers and leaders the impact of their view of the world is going to be felt ever more strongly. When we were putting the conference programme together we knew we wanted to help coaches and mentors understand what this means to work with this generation, but also support organisations recognise some of the implications it may have, so when I was introduced to Ed Moss I was so excited that he could speak at the event. He has a raft of case studies that he can share about how to work with a Millennial viewpoint, which will help delegates understand what needs to be in place to attract and retain talent from this generation and how you can best work with millennial’s.

Developing a coaching culture is a long-term strategy. What support is available after the conference to grow this coaching mindset?

wmp clear backWe fully agree, and that’s why we’ve invited West Midlands Police this year to share their journey and the benefits and challenges they’ve experienced in developing their coaching culture….and trust me its not something that happened overnight!

With over 120 delegates already booked on, this year’s conference is set to be another fantastic day for coaches, mentors and more so if you have yet to book on we suggest you reserve your place now – http://wmcmp.org.uk/